Top Sugarcane Bagasse Tray Manufacturer in China - Wholesale & OEM Supply

Anhui Yien bamboo and wooden manufacturers, a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, proudly introduces our innovative Sugarcane Bagasse Tray. Made from 100% sustainable and biodegradable materials, our tray is an eco-friendly and durable alternative to traditional packaging solutions. Our Sugarcane Bagasse Tray is perfect for take-out, delivery, and catering services as it is microwave safe and 100% compostable. It is also water and oil-resistant, ensuring that your food stays fresh and secure during transportation. Our tray is available in various sizes and designs to suit your specific needs. At Anhui Yien bamboo and wooden manufacturers, we believe in sustainability and eco-friendliness, which is why we offer this Sugarcane Bagasse Tray as a green packaging solution. Choose our Sugarcane Bagasse Tray and make a difference in reducing your environmental footprint. Contact us today to learn more about our Sugarcane Bagasse Tray and other eco-friendly products.
  • Introducing our newest eco-friendly product, the Sugarcane Bagasse Tray! Made from natural sugarcane fibers, these trays are perfect for all your food serving needs while also being environmentally sustainable. Not only are these trays durable and heat resistant, but they are also microwave and freezer safe. They can be used for both hot and cold food items, making them versatile for any occasion. Our Sugarcane Bagasse Trays are compostable and biodegradable, making them a great alternative to traditional plastic or paper products that harm the environment. They are also non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that your food items are safe to consume. Whether you are hosting a party or running a food business, these trays are great for food presentation and transport. They are available in different shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs. Say goodbye to harmful plastic and paper products and switch to our sustainable and eco-friendly Sugarcane Bagasse Trays. Your guests and the environment will thank you!
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